High and Silver Presents: The Pilgrim’s Progress

A serialized fiction podcast, featuring cinematic music and effects. John Bunyan’s timeless Christian allegory, as told by Zachary Bartels.

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Friday Jan 27, 2023

Zach and Mr. Sagacity discuss the darkness, the cage, and the key, and whether it all still holds up.

Chapter 18 | Promise

Friday Jan 13, 2023

Friday Jan 13, 2023

The pilgrims are torn between giving up and rising up.

Friday Dec 16, 2022

Zach and Mr. Sagacity discuss the common blunder of going over the wall.

Chapter 17 | Doubting Castle

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

Hopeful and Christian go over the wall.

Friday Nov 25, 2022

No chapter this week, but we've dropped a couple bonus items in the Patreon feed...and (in the spirit of Thanksgiving) are sharing one of them with you as well...  Zach and Mr. Sagacity discuss Dr. Sproul and the nature of allegory.

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

Zach and Mr. Sagacity discuss the allure of money and ease for pilgrims

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

A divine warning, a devilish prank, and the return of By-Ends and Moneylove, 

Look! A Trailer!

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

A new trailer for the podcast and a new Chapter coming Friday!

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Zach and Mr. Sagacity discuss the conversion of Hopeful

Chapter 15 | Hopeful

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

One pilgrim reaches the end of his journey, while another is just setting off.


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